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Checklist for Faster Sales

  • Yard: Remove clutter, cut the grass, edge the walks, trim the hedges and keep the gardens weed free. When the yard looks sharp and clean it helps create a good first impression.
  • Front Of House: Paint the trim, fix and/or power wash the front steps and walk, ensure railings are in good repair and keep the front door looking good. It’s the first thing buyer’s see.
  • Other Exterior: Clean all parts of the exterior, clean out the gutters and wash the windows. Clean windows make everything look cleaner.
  • Garage: Keep things tidy, touch-up paint where necessary. A clean garage is a sign of a well maintained home.
  • Plumbing: Repair dripping faucets and leaky toilets.
  • Heating/cooling: Clean the filters and keep the exterior of unit looking good. Men often pop out the filters to check on maintenance standards.
  • Lights: Replace all burned out bulbs & faulty switches. If lights are burned out, what else isn’t working?
  • Hall & Stairs: Remove all clutter from places that aren’t intended for storage.
  • Hardware: Oil those squeaking hinges, tighten loose doorknobs and keep faucets snug.
  • General: Dust, wash and paint everything that the buyer will see. It all speaks to maintenance levels.
  • Spaciousness: Store away all unnecessary items to enhance a feeling of spaciousness. Clutter suggests a lack of storage space.

Super Critical Items

  • Kitchen: Keep the stove, refrigerator and sink spotless and the counters clear of clutter. Full counters suggest lack of space.
  • Bathrooms: These are critical. They must be clean and fresh with toilet lids down.
  • Closets: Jammed closets give the impression of poor or inadequate storage space. Be sure they are tidy and well organized as they will be looked at. Storage space is always a consideration.

Help Your Realtor

  • As much as is possible, be out of the house for showings. Buyers do not like to be followed. It is their Realtor’s responsibility to identify those aspects of your home that he knows are of interest to them.
  • Turn on all the lights and open the blinds for showings. Make your home as bright as possible.
  • Be sure to eliminate any strong odours. Make sure your home is fresh.
  • Have your home ready at least 15 minutes prior to the appointment time as showings can sometimes get off schedule.
  • As much as is possible, try to accommodate showing times. Some buyers have very limited time available to view properties. They may be from out of town or they may have to arrange child care in order to view your home without distractions.