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Why Use a Realtor?

It may be tempting to try and save money by selling your home yourself but before you do, consider this. Would you act as your own stockbroker, attorney, tax accountant? Experienced realtors are professionals with years of training and many transactions to their credit.

The Contract of Purchase and Sale required to sell your home is a complex, legally binding document. Sales used to be transacted on 1 or 2 pages but have over the years mushroomed to a 10 to 15 page document. An improperly executed contract can allow loopholes for the buyer to void the sale or potentially result in legal issues down the road. An experienced realtor can avoid the possible complications an inexperienced home seller might encounter.

Realtors also have direct access to the MLS system which sources potential buyers from a much larger marketplace than anyone could possibly reach by marketing their property alone. It is truly an amazing network designed to expose properties all across the province and country.

Experienced realtors have years of negotiation experience and are not emotionally involved in this process. This often is the difference in a successful sale.

One of the most critical reasons to hire a professional realtor is the issue of safety. Realtors can manage the process of exposing your home to the public in a safe and yet efficient manner. When you hire a Realtor, it is their responsibility to ensure your privacy and belongings are respected. They accompany all prospective purchasers and remain with them at all times during the showing.